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About N.A.P.S.

  • NAPS is the largest First Nations police service in Canada.
  • NAPS is the 2nd largest First Nations police service in North America.
  • NAPS employs 134 uniform officers and 30 civilians.
  • NAPS polices 35 communities across the NAN territory which encompasses nearly 2/3 of the Province of Ontario. Thunder Bay to Hudson's Bay; Manitoba to Quebec.
  • NAPS is the 2nd only police service in Ontario to have their own operational plane. It flew 876 hours in 2006.
  • NAPS' officers are sworn Constables with authority throughout the Province of Ontario.
  • Salary and benefits at NAPS are consistent with the top 10 police services in Ontario.
  • Training and promotional opportunities at NAPS are abound.
  • There are several tribal affiliations within NAN which result in 3 distinct languages including: Ojibwe, Oji-Cree and Cree.
  • There is great diversity in culture and structure of committees in the NAN territory.
  • NAPS has operational linkages to federal, provincial and municipal police services.
  • NAPS is larger than 50 other police services in Ontario. *MCSCS, 2006
  • NAPS is the 20th largest police service in Ontario. *MCSCS, 2006

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